Continuing a Legacy, Building a Future

Join the Legacy: Support the '32B Forever Fund' by Black Diamond Builders and help us empower local youth to pursue their dreams in the building industry. Honor the memory of our late founder, Matthew Bilodeau, and contribute to a brighter future for the community's aspiring builders. Your donation makes dreams a reality with Black Diamond Builders.

Scholarships for Vermont Residents Pursuing Careers in Construction

Who Can Apply?

Are you a Vermont resident with a passion for construction or related fields? The 32B Forever Fund scholarships are here to support your aspirations. Whether you dream of becoming an architect, engineer, craftsman, or tradesperson, we want to help you succeed. To learn more and apply, contact Brian Thomas at [email protected]. Don't miss this opportunity to kickstart your career in construction with the 32B Forever Fund.

Help Support Our Local Youth | Donate Today!

Help Support Our Local Youth

Donate Today!

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